We are all about the outdoors and more

Iceberg outdoor group is a main building block for a group of single minded retailers in the Overland industry that understands the “beehive” mentality and through shared knowledge and ideas can bring collate individual bricks and mortar level stores into a national force with in the outdoor industry, creating its own niche.

With a growing group of retailers and Vendor partners we build relationships share ideas , insights and data. We offer strength in numbers and with that brings exclusive buying opportunities and better buying power so we can deliver a memorable experience for Overland enthusiasts.
Most importantly we recognize that there are holes in the outdoor market right now. The Overland market is growing a rapid pace and with comes a opportunity for a more pointed approach around vehicle based camping equipment. We are not a Hiking store that sells the odd roof top tent along next a high end rain coat or an Rv store that sells solar panels or a hunting store that sells a 2 burner stove.